Fangirl Friday #1: Broadway Shows

Welcome to our first Fangirl Friday! This was just a fun little idea I had to talk about the other things I love besides just books. If you want to join in, comment below or host your own FGF. Make sure to link back to my blog if you post your own!

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Welcome to Harlee S. Reads!!

Hello and welcome! I’m Harlee. I used to be HarleeReads back in the day and I decided to give this a try once again.

I’m happy to be back. Something about people connecting over shared interests is beautiful and inspiring to me. Or even if no one ever reads this and I’m just shouting my faves out into the world. It’s still an outlet to talk about what I love.

When I love something, whether it be a book series or a tv show, it becomes a part of me in some way. When I finish a book, I always put my thoughts to paper (or in most cases, my phone notes). Why not publish them online and start a conversation?

Harlee S. Reads will be a place where we can talk about all things books, music, television, or any other interests. I have a very wide range of things I love. From Broadway to movies, I love it all. Even though book reviews will be the main focus, look for other things thrown in the mix!

I’m ready to go on this adventure with all of you! Xx